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Portfolio Website in Google Dart

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I recently re-wrote my entire portfolio website in Google Dart. Dart is a new programming language that is designed to replace javascript, although it also can run server-side allowing it to also replace technologies like PHP. Sadly, my web host doesn’t have Dart installed on their servers, so I was limited to just client-side code.

Since most browsers do not support Google Dart yet, Google Dart gets compiled into javascript through their compiler dartc frogc dart2js. This can then be run by any browser.

For this post I am not going to have any tutorials for using Dart; Those will follow later. Instead, I merely want to point out that my portfolio website is open source so feel free to browse through it and use the code to learn and build your own websites. I generate almost the entire website with Dart including managing browser history and asynchonously loading JSON data to populate fields. The code for my website is available at https://github.com/craftkiller/paphuscom.